Developing capacity to teach sustainability in VET 2020-1-FI01-KA2020-066632




TARGET GROUP: The primary target group is teachers and trainers in all VET sectors

DURATION: 1.12.2020-31.1.2033


FUNDING: Erasmus+ KA2 (Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practice)

PARTNERS: Vamia/Vaasan Kaupunki, Finland (coordinator), Espoon Seudun Koulutuskuntayhtymä Omnia – Finland, Edificio ATEC -Portugal, EUCSYD- Denmark, bit Schulungscenter – Austria



Train to Sustain -developing capacity to teach sustainability in VET is a two-year cross-sectoral project. The aim is to develop vocational education and training (VET) teachers´ and trainers´ skills to guide their colleagues and students in the subjects Sustainability, Circular economy and Lean combined in an innovative way – Train the trainer. The training approach aims at being interactive, experimental and inclusive.

Within the project there are five VET partners in Finland, Denmark, Austria and Portugal all working with sustainability and circular economy issues. The work will be developed in cooperation with associated partners from working life, and Lean principles will be brought on from the Eramus + project Lean for Work and Lean for Life. This strategic partnership develops and produces innovative approaches to professional development of VET trainers´ skills on sustainability combined with Lean in order to train students for working life. Our aim is to provide all students with valuable knowledge and skills on sustainability by the time they graduate.

The objectives:

  • To build capacity and confidence of teachers/trainers in teaching sustainability and circular economy combined with Lean principles in innovative ways
  • To provide sustained professional development that disseminates the expertise of the partners across the partnership and encourage synergies with organisations in different VET disciplines and different countries
  • -To increase capacity of each partner to develop sustainability issues on an organisational level and to increase the cooperation with working life on these matter.
  • To spread the knowledge and skills of using different digital skills and tools between partners
  • To increase capacity of each organization to cooperate at sustainability issues at an EU/international level.

The project outcomes:

A high quality training package including four intellectual outputs that will be piloted with VET teachers.

  1. A Basic theory training package on sustainability, circular economy and Lean. What is what? Why? How?
  2. An Electronic toolbox with activities to facilitate learning
  3. Four digital virtual 360 environments from different industries with information and individual activities
  4. A Teachers’ training guidance/manual

All material will be produced in English, Finnish, Danish, German, Portuguese, Swedish and found on the project homepage.


CONTACT: Katarina Sandbacka, tel. +358 40 711 7070,