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Important Notice! International applicants cannot apply to Vamia through continuous application. The programs available in this application are conducted in Finnish or Swedish, and applicants must have sufficient proficiency in the language of instruction. Applications without demonstrated proficiency in Finnish or Swedish will be automatically rejected.

We have compiled essential information for international applicants on the “How to apply” page. We offer instruction for international students in the English language. The available professions for international students include cook, waiter/waitress, machinist, mechanical fitter and plater-welder.

Entry requirements

General requirements in Finland (Vocational Education Act 531/2017)

Equal grounds shall be applied in student admissions.

VET providers decide on the criteria for their student admissions and on entrance examinations and aptitude tests.

General requirements at Vamia

  • You have the necessary qualifications for studying in the field and completing a degree
  • You have an educational need
  • You are motivated to study
  • You are suitable for the tasks in the field
  • You have sufficient health requirements for the chosen field
  • You have adequate language proficiency for the field

Specific requirements for English-language vocational qualification programs

We accept applicants of all nationalities into our English-language education qualification programs

  • You have to be at least 18 years of age when studies start. There is no upper age limit
  • You have at least qualification equivalent to Finnish basic Education of nine years
    • You will need scan or photo of your original certificates when you apply
      • Original certificates in English, Finnish or Swedish are accepted
      • Translated certificates in English, Finnish or Swedish need to be verified by public notary
  • You have successfully completed the English language proficiency test with at least the minimum score required by the school (see below)
  • You have enough funds for living expenses on your account to be presented for the immigration office for the resident permit. More information on Finnish Immigration Service website.
  • You have a valid passport or personal ID-card which is attached to the application

You cannot complete your application after the application period has closed.

The following attachments can be included with the application

English language test

  • All applicants must have completed the Duolingo English Test. The test score is submitted to the application. Please note that the test has to be valid at the time of applying.
    • Duolingo English Test (85 points minimum).
      • Vamia does not provide free vouchers for taking the Duolingo English test.
  • On Duolingo test choose Vamia as your school
    • send results
    • save the file to attach to the application.
  • English language test cannot be waived.
  • We don not accept any other tests, diplomas or qualifications as proof of language skill.
    • Due to the high volume of emails regarding this matter, we are unable to respond to inquiries related to this.
  • Starting from application round in May 2024, we will only accept the Duolingo English Test as a language proficiency test.

Application procedure

  • Due to limited resources, we are limiting the number of applications to 500 per program.The final day for applications is not specified separately. The application period will end as soon as we receive 500 applications. It is not possible to complete the application outside the application period.
  • Link to the application will be provided when the applying is open.
    • There is no fee for applying to Vamia
  • Application periods are organized twice a year
    • Next application period starts on May 2nd 2024 for the studies beginning in January 2025. In this application period it is only possible to apply to Cook and Waiter/Waitress programs.
    • Application periods for Mechanical fitter available on December 2024, Machinist December 2025 and Plater-welder December 2026.
  • You can only apply to the one of the English programs.
  • Fill out the application form accurately.
  • Upload all required documents while the application period is on.
  • You will be notified by email when the application has been received.
  • Based on the applications, the applicants who receive the highest scores (approximately 40-50) will be invited to Teams interviews.
  • The admission results will be announced approximately 1-2 month after the application period is closed. All applicants will be informed, whether they are selected or not.
  • An admission letter will be sent to the selected new students. The admission letter includes information about the health documents and how to apply for the resident permit.
  • Begin to apply for the residence permit immediately, in some countries applying can takes months!

Beginning of studies

  • Approximately 2 months before the studies begin, the new students will receive an e-mail about the start of the studies.
  • Visit a doctor in your home country to get the health documents that we require.
  • Before coming to Finland send the results of laboratory tests, X-ray of lungs [Thorax (please note that you should not send the X-ray photographs)] and Doctors’ statement T to School Nurse.
  • Arrive to Finland well in time before the studies begin.
  • The first week will include orientation studies and practical information about the school.
  • The school will provide the new students with appropriate uniform for kitchen and restaurant work /mechanical work.
  • For students in Restaurant and Catering Services the following test is obligatory and will be taken in Vaasa: Salmonella.

The next application will be in May 2024

  • The application link will be activated here on May 2nd 2024.
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