Frequently Asked Questions

Application procedure

What kind of educational background is required?

You need to have a qualification equivalent to Finnish basic Education of nine years.

For example

  • primary education and lower secondary education
  • higher secondary education certificate
  • general school school certificate
  • high school certificate

When is the application period and how to apply?

Application periods are organized twice a year, in December (for studies beginning in August) and in August (studies beginning in January). More information about the application procedure you can find here. Remember to upload all required documents during the application period.

When are the admission results released?

The admission results will be announced approximately 1-2 months after the application period has closed. All applicants will be informed, whether they are selected or not. Vamia does not publish individual scores.

What kind of health documents are required?

Before coming to Finland send the results of laboratory tests, X-ray of lungs (Thorax (please note that you should not send the X-ray photographs)) and Doctors’ statement T to School Nurse.

Can I postpone my studies?

In Vamia you cannot postpone studies to the next academic year.


How are the studies scheduled?

In Vamia we have four study periods (nine weeks each) per school yearThe classes are held during daytime from Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm. As a student you can check your schedule from the mobile app of Studenta. The schedule will change after each period.

The school is closed for holidays (autumn holiday, Christmas holiday, winter holiday and summer holiday).

The duration of studies is approximately 3 years. The qualification includes full-time studying as well as workplace education and training periods. Third year includes mainly workplace education and learning. The curriculum of the programs can be found here.

Do I get a free school lunch at the school?

The school lunch is free for our students on school days. You get your lunch with your id-card.

When do I get the id-card?

You get your id-card when studies begin. You are able to apply for national student card which allow for you to get discounted tickets on trains and busses. More information from the study office.

Does the program include practical training?

Workplace education and practical training is included in all vocational programs. The length of the workplace education and training depends on your personal skills, on the workplace and the vocational unit.

You can also apply for workplace education and training abroad.

What are the costs of the studies?

There is no tuition fee for the studies. The school will provide the new students with appropriate working clothes and accessories.

NOTE! If you study to become a cook or waiter/waitress you have to buy your own working shoes. The cost for the shoes is about 40-50€

Due to the lack of tuition fees, we also do not have separate scholarships available.

Where do I find more information about studying in Vamia?

You can find more information in study guide of Vamia.


What kind of school is Vamia?

Vamia is a vocational upper secondary education and training school offering programs in Finnish, Swedish and English (Vamia is not a university).

What kind of student health care / welfare services does the school offer?

At Vamia we have our own nurses. Their consulting hours are on display outside their office on the door. You will find all information in the study guide. Doctor and psychologist services are also available regularly for students. These services are free for the students.

Other precautions

Am I eligible to apply for further studies?

After graduation you are eligible to apply for further studies (both universities and universities of applied sciences).

How do I apply for the residence permit?

You need to have the admission letter from Vamia to apply for the permit from The Finnish Immigration Service. Begin to apply for the residence permit immediately. In some countries applying can takes months!

What is the total spending per month?

Prepare that you will have a monthly spending amount of about 800€ for food, residential rent and other living costs. That is why one of the requirements to get your Residence permit is that you have 7000 € on your account.

What kind of accommodation options are there?

Rental apartments in Vaasa

Vaasa offers many possibilities living on rent. There are apartments both in the city center as well as on the countryside.

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