Cook – kokki, englannikielinen koulutus

Cook program introduction

Vocational upper secondary qualification in restaurant and catering services – Cook program provides you with the basic knowledge of both theory and practice in the food production tasks in the restaurant industry in planning, cooking and presenting restaurant dishes and in storing food ingredients. The education is carried out at our modern well-equipped premises in Hansa campus with its own Restaurant Silveria open for public. On-the-job learning periods that are held in restaurants in Vaasa or elsewhere will make up an important part of the education. This qualification will also give you a good basis for continuing studies, if you wish to achieve a further degree in the industry or continuing education in the future.

How is the education arranged?

The qualification includes full-time studying as well as on-the-job learning periods. The classes are held during daytime (monday-friday). The duration of studies is approximately 3 years. Third year is mainly on-the-job learning.

Program composition

The scope of the studies is 180 competence points (cp).

Compulsory vocational units 85 cp:

  • Working in food preparation services – 20 cp
  • Preparation of lunch dishes – 40 cp
  • Preparation of dishes – 25 cp

Optional vocational units 60 cp:

  • Preparation of catered and banquet dishes – 20 cp
  • À la carte food preparation – 30 cp
  • Café service – 10 cp

Common units 35 cp:

  • Communication and interaction skills 11-20 cp
  • Competence in mathematics and natural sciences 6-15 cp
  • Skills required in society and working life 9-18 cp

A personal study development plan is made for each student based on his/ her previous experience and studies.

Studying is free of charge. The school will provide the new students with appropriate uniform for kitchen and restaurant work.

Entry requirements for studies

Suomalaiset hakijat

  • Suomessa perusopetuksensa suorittavat yhdeksäsluokkalaiset oppilaat sekä perusopetuksesta jo valmistuneet voivat hakea koulutukseen.
  • Suomenkieliset hakijat voivat ilmoittaa viimeksi saamansa englannin kielen arvosanansa hakemukseen.  Hakijalla tulee olla vähinään arvosana 8 englannin kielestä, että voi tulla valituksi koulutukseen.

Entry requirements for the vocational qualification are:

  • Nationality: all nationalities can apply for the program
  • Age: you are at least 18 years of age when studies starts. There is no upper age limit.
  • High school certificate or the general school-leaving certificate.
  • One of the certificates of the international English tests. Applies for all applicants.
  • Enough of funds for living on the applicants account to be presented to the immigration office for the resident permit. More information
  • Good physical condition to study and work in the restaurant- and catering industry. The school nurse will check the condition of health before the studies begin.

Application procedure

Cook and waiter/waitress

  • The next application period will take place in May 2023.
  • Application form will be closed when the quote of applicants is met.
  • You can only apply to one of the English programs.
  • There is no tuition fee for the studies.
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