Studying to become successful managers in the hospitality sector

Students working together around the table at Vamia.

In January 2024, fifteen students in the restaurant and catering field began their studies in Vamia’s new program Specialist vocational qualification in the hotel and catering sector. The program is taught in English and it is aimed for those who already work in Finland and use English in a supervisory or managerial role in the hospitality sector.

During the first weeks of the course we have talked about the current situation in the restaurant field. The students have told about their work places and their roles in the restaurant, and how they see the industry developing in 2024-2025. We are also conducting SWOT-analyses for business planning, teacher Susanna Kivikko says.

Broadening skills and knowledge in a supervisory role

Many students within the program have been recently promoted to supervisory roles, and they felt that this study would offer them more support and knowledge in their new position. Next to that, the students are eager to learn more about the Finnish working culture and the legislation within the restaurant and catering field.

I am good at what I do when it comes to cooking, being organized and teaching people. But I hope that this course builds up my confidence and gives me the tools for multitasking as a manager, for example with paperwork. I am really looking forward to the part about Finnish legislation and labor laws, says student Jonathan Wanyoike.

Students Tram Vo and Khanh Duy Tran have thought about setting up their own business in the future and therefore they look forward to expanding their business knowledge during the program.

I came across my classmate on the street and told her how I would like to broaden my knowledge in the restaurant field and learn about managerial tasks. She told me about this English program which would help in achieving those goals, says Tram Vo.

My next plan is to open my own business, like a coffee shop. So, I am looking forward to learning about the business side in this study and building up a business plan. I also think during the study we can learn a lot from the experiences of our teachers and classmates, student Khanh Duy Tran says.

Group picture of the students and their teacher in Specialist vocational qualification in the hotel and catering sector.

Aligning education with the needs of Finnish restaurant industry

Many of the students mention that they have been looking for this kind of education for longer, but the program provided by Vamia was the only one provided in English. In the group there are students working all around Finland, for example in Kuopio, Lohja, Turku and Kokkola.

Since this study has one contact-teaching day per month and the rest is learned remotely and at the workplace, it is easier to combine with work and personal life and is not as time consuming compared to other studies. There is also an option to complete the program as an apprenticeship training, the students point out.

It’s really good that Vamia realizes the need for such course in English, since we do need more people in the restaurant field. There are many international people who are doing good in the restaurant industry and want to develop themselves further. Thanks to Vamia these things have come up and recently similar courses are opening up also in other educational institutions, mentions student Sahil Sase.

– I also understand that as an employee, it can be really hard to go back to school. But I hope more people will take the chance to study, since  Finnish companies are more than willing to let you study. It’s all about communicating with your employer that you want to develop your skills, encourages Jonathan Wanyoike.

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