Studying and living in Vaasa

Costs for your studies in our cook program

In Vamia we don´t have a tuition fee and the school lunch is free for our students. The students buy some books themselves, as well as all other studying materials which may be required during their studies. They do however have the possibility to use school computers. School provides working clothes, but the students take care of the laundry themselves. All students must buy their cook knife set for kitchen work. Orders for books and uniforms are made for an entire group; the teacher responsible gives the information needed to the students when the school starts.

Accommodation options

VOAS – Vaasa Student Housing Foundation

Contact information + 358 6 327 6511, address: VOAS, Olympiakatu 3 Q, 65100 Vaasa, Finland) or by E-mail: asuntotoimisto(a)

A shared flat usually accommodates 2 – 4 students. Each student has his or her own room with lock and key. The kitchen and bathroom are shared. Students are advised to bring their own bed linen. The number of small flats for single students is limited. Demand for them is the highest even though they are more expensive than a room in a shared flat.

A family flat usually includes 2 – 3 rooms and a kitchen or kitchenette. Family flats are available to couples with or without children. The kitchens are equipped with a cooker and a fridge/freezer.
The amount for the rent at VOAS is today from approximately 250€ to 400€ per person per month.

The water cost is NOT included in that fee. There are no furniture’s in the flats (there could be some exceptions). BUT there’s free internet (Wifi) in almost all flats.
Another option for the renting is the private market.

Student health services

At the Institute we have our own Nurse and Curator. Their consulting hours are on display outside their office on the door and also you will find the all information in the Student’s Handbook. Doctor services are also available regularly for students. These services are for free for the students.

Student’s financial aid

People coming to Finland for the purpose of only studying are not permanent residents in Finland. Thus, they are not entitled to the government-funded social benefits (such as the students financial aid). But you can check with your home country, if there is any financial aids for you when studying abroad. More information from The Social Insurance Institution in Finland

Total spending per month

Prepare that you’ll have a monthly spending amount of about 800€ for food, residential rent and other living costs. That’s why one of the requirements to get your Residence permit is that you have 6000€ on your account.

Check also Welcome Office in Vaasa

Residence permit and visa

The Finnish Immigration Service (migri) is responsible for the granting of a fixed-term residence permit for a foreign student for the period of one year (the maximum at a time). Student themselves must apply for a residence permit. EU-citizens and equivalent persons do not need a residence permit, but they must register their right to reside in Finland.

For further information on applying for a visa, the validity periods of visas and visa application fees, as well as a list of countries whose citizens do not need visas, see the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

More information about residence permit and visa:

  • Residence Permit: Finnish Immigration Service, E-mail: migri(a)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, E-mail: visas.passports(a)