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Vocational Upper Secondary Qualification in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology, Machinist (2½-3 years)

This programme provides you with the basic knowledge of both theory and practice of mechanical engineering industry.  As a machinist you will make components of machines and other parts in accordance with working drawings by machining, utilising automatic machine tools. You learn to plan the order of the different work stages of the manufacturing process and use the materials, machines, equipment, and methods of the field appropriately and safely in their work. As a machinist you are also responsible for the quality of the products made and for the correct controls and operation of the machines you use. You will learn to program a CNC machine tool and use it in manufacturing.

The education is carried out at our modern well equipped premises in Sampo Campus, Vaasa, but the practical training periods that are held in the companies will make up an important part of the education. This qualification will also give you a good basis for continuing studies in a university level.

How is the education arranged?

The qualification includes full-time studying as well as practical training periods. The classes are held during the daytime (Monday-Friday). The duration of studies is approximately 3 years. Third year is mainly practical training in companies.

Content of studies

  • The scope of the studies is 180 competence points (cp).
  • Compulsory vocational units 65 cp:
    • Manufacturing works (welding, machinery) 25 cp
    • Automation and installation works 10 cp
    • Machining 30 cp
  • Optional vocational studies (minimum 80 cp)
    • CAD/CAM programming 20 cp
    • CNC milling 20 cp
    • CNC lathing 20 cp
    • Operating a robot 20 cp
    • Industrial installation work 20 cp
  • Common units 35 cp
    • Communication and interaction skills 11-20 cp
    • Competence in mathematics and natural sciences 6-15 cp
    • Skills required in society and working life 9-18 cp

A personal study development plan is made for each student based on his/ her previous experience and studies. Studying is free of charge, there is no tuition fee.

Minimum entry requirements

  • High School Certificate or Comprehensive School Certificate in Finland or respective education abroad.
  • English: spoken and written. As a proof of adequate English skills we accept one of the following:
  • IELTS level 5
  • Toefl ibt 50p
  • The National Certificate in English language (YKI), level 4, Intermediate
  • Finnish Basic Education Certificate, English grade 9 or 10
  • We reserve the right to accept other proofs such as a degree studied in English language or possible English skills test
  • Health documents according to the rules of Vamia. You will receive more information if you get admitted.

Application procedure

In year 2021 there won’t be admission in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology.

We will inform on upcoming admission periods  here on our website.

Information for admitted students 2020

If there will be any further changes regarding the start of the new academic year 2020-2021 in August due to the global situation with Covid-19, we will keep the admitted students informed personally by e-mail.

Finnish Immigration Service Student Info

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