Apprenticeship Training

Knowhow where it’s needed.

Apprenticeship training offers a quick route to professional life as well as a practical way to develop your own professional competence or the entire work community.

Why choose apprenticeship training?

  • As an employer, you can offer your staff additional training or train new professionals through apprenticeship training.
  • With entrepreneurial apprenticeship training, you can strengthen your professional skills and simultaneously develop your business.
  • By selecting apprenticeship training, you will be trained in a workplace and study through work experience.

What can you study through apprenticeship training?

At Vamia, all vocational upper-secondary qualifications, further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications can be studied both fully and partially through apprenticeship training.

There are up to 164 different degree options to choose from. See the Finnish National Agency for Education’s list of vocational qualifications here

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Apprenticeship training can be started at any stage of the degree. Leave a call request so we can figure out together how apprenticeship training can help you or your work community. We will also help you to get your studies started.

Leave a call request

Leave a call request


Vamia apprenticeship services

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