Partnership for Excellence – Centres of Vocational Excellence (ERASMUS-EDU-2021-PEX-COVE)

Project time
15.6.2023 – 14.6.2027
Erasmus+ KA3 Support for Policy Reform Centers of Vocational Excellence
3 996 343 €, Vamia 267 553 €
Project phase
Project website

TARGET GROUP: Vocational education and training

DURATION: 15.6.2023 – 14.6.2027


Finland: Vamia, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (coordinator) and Merinova

Italy: ENEA, UNIPG, Ecole, FAST- Federazione delle associazoni sc, Atena Scarl- Distretto alta tecnologia

Portugal: LNEG, Institute Politécnico de Portalegre, Welding and quality institute ISQ, Energyin

Spain: CESUR, Mondragon Unibersitatsea, CECV, CIEMAT, UMA, PTA

France: PVF

Romania: Ascendis consulting

Germany: EVBB

Canada: Polytechnique Montréal 


H2Excellence aims to create a Collaborative Platform of Excellence (CoVE) around fuel cell and green hydrogen technologies to provide training and development programmes to deliver the skills required in the sector. Centres of Excellence are being developed in five European countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Finland and Italy). The centres are intended to bring together universities, companies and VET providers in the regions, focusing on different parts of the hydrogen value chain. The aim is to develop transnational, common curricula and lifelong learning, interact with universities to understand the latest technologies, develop exchange programmes for VET teachers, students and staff, partnerships between businesses and professionals, map regional ecosystems and integrate with national/regional economic and innovation ecosystems. H2Excellence involves 21 partners from seven different Erasmus+ EU countries. In line with the EU’s Green Deal and energy transition objectives, the project will create the necessary infrastructure to embed professional excellence in the European hydrogen sector. It will contribute to the development of the sector towards quality jobs and opportunities for long careers, while meeting the needs of an innovative and sustainable economy.

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