Vamia during the coronavirus epidemic

Contact instruction started at Vamia in August after a period of distance learning during the spring.  When necessary, we are ready to switch to staggered distance learning or hybrid learning, which is a mix of distance learning and in-class instruction sessions.  Plans have been made for each field of vocational education and training for how to switch to distance learning if the epidemiological situation requires.

General contagion prevention measures are followed in organizing teaching and instruction.  Please pay attention to the following:

  • Attend school only when feeling completely well.  Stay at home if you are feeling unwell in the slightest and inform your teacher or superior about it.
  • Go home without delay if you get ill during a school day.  Contact your health center if you experience symptoms of coronavirus:
  • Keep sufficient distance from each other, including during lunch breaks.
  • Practice hand hygiene: wash your hands with soap when you come to school and when you have for example blown your nose or coughed.  If washing your hands is not possible, use hand sanitizer.
  • Cough into a disposable tissue or your sleeve.  Follow the coughing etiquette behind this link:
  • Wipe the keyboard and mouse clean with a disinfecting wipe before using a computer that is shared by many people.
  • Only spend as much time in the school premises that is required by the lessons.
  • Vamia has increased the sanitization and cleaning of surfaces that are touched by people.

Teachers give more detailed instructions on studying and sector-specific safety.  When possible, guidance for on-the-job learning will be done through remote communications technologies until the end of the year.  Applicable workplace-specific instructions are to be followed during on-the-job learning.

The student exchanges and training agreements of both incoming and outgoing students have been cancelled until December 31st 2020.  The foreign exchange programmes and other trips abroad by the staff as well as foreign visits to Vamia have been cancelled until December 31st 2020.  In addition to this, the staff are to avoid work-related trips in Finland in favour of online meetings.

Additional information and instructions on coronavirus:

The City of Vaasa:

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare: