Vaasa is located in Ostrobothnia on the west coast of Finland, 70 kilometers by sea from Umeå in Sweden. The population is 59 000 of which some 25 % have Swedish as their mother tongue. Here more than 100 nationalities are represented making the City of Vasa the most cosmopolitan in Finland, second only to Helsinki. The number of students is 10 000.

The people of Ostrobothnia are known for their entrepreneurial spirit, and the industry is most productive especially in the fields of electronics, information technology, metal, and boat and house construction. Vaasa also hosts the largest energy cluster in the Nordic countries with leading global companies such as Wärtsilä and ABB. In the field of technology the region produces innovative diesel, gas and electric engines, power plants, systems for electric power transmission and distribution, frequency converters, and wind power components. There is also a high concentration of international retailers and service companies.

In Vaasa vocational education is developed in close cooperation with other educational establishments the regional industry , the service sector and the public sector, contriburing to employment by means of tailored educational programmes. Vamia thinks ahead in order to fill both present and future needs for competence.

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