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Services for immigrants

National certificates of language proficiency and applying for finnish citizenship

A person, who is applying for Finnish citizenship normally needs grade 3 from the middle level of the National Certificate of Language Proficiency in Finnish or Swedish as an attachment to his/her application. Vamia organises tests for the national certificates of language proficiency. More information: Henna Hiipakka, 040 525 1142,

Integration training (eduvakk ltd)

The aim of the training for adult immigrants is to help them to adapt to the Finnish society. That means studying the Finnish language, society and culture as well as knowledge about Finnish working life. An immigrant belongs to the integration training programme for 3 years after he/she has received the permission to stay in Finland.

In addition to studies of the Finnish language, the integration training includes studies of every-day-life and life management, information- and communication skills, knowledge of the Finnish society and culture as well as study skills and guiding and preparation for working life. You can apply to the integration training through the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE-toimisto). The Employment and Economic Development Office homepage is here.

More information from the coordinator in EduVakk

Terhi Mesikämmen

tel. 040 525 3081

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