Professional skills through

2018-2019, 2019-2020

TARGET GROUP: All students and staff in Vamia

DURATION: 1.6.2018—31.5.2021

PROJECT MANAGER IN VAMIA: Nina Korpela/Katarina Sandbacka

PARTNERS: Vamias European partner colleges and companies as well as companies in the area of  Vaasa

FUNDING: Erasmus+ K116 Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter

Nina Korpela, tel + 358 40 7647516,
Katarina Sandbacka, tel. +358 40 711 7070,

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The main objective of Professional Skills through is to add international awareness and skills and to develop key competences for life long learning among students and staff is Vamia. This is done by organising on-the-job learning periods for students and training periods for staff within Europe. The principles of ECVET are used in all cooperation and mobilities. Receiving foreign guests to Vamia and Finland also serves the aim of the project.