Questions and answers


We have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning distance teaching due to corona epidemic. We will update the answers if needed.


You can find up-to-date information about corona situation:

THL (Finnish institution for health and welfare) web site

Vaasa city web site

Ministry of Education and Culture web site



  1. Study according to your school timetable. Follow the timetable and routines so that you will make progress in your studies.
  2. Organize a place where you can concentrate on studying. Remember to take breaks.
  3. Follow the platforms teachers are using to inform students.
  4. Attend the realtime lessons when they are held online.
  5. Be bold and try new virtual tools that are used in distance teaching.
  6. In case of a problem situation, contact the teacher. Phone numbers can be found on web site.
  7. As a guardian, support and follow studying of your youth, ask and help to get started if needed.


  • What to do if I have coronavirus?
    Follow the guideline of health authorities. If you get sick, inform your group supervisor.
  • I belong to a risk group, what to do?
    Contact your own health center. You can also find reliable information on THL web site (Finnish institution for health and welfare):
  • Attendance compulsory?
    Although the teaching is in distance teaching mode, attendance is still mainly compulsory depending on the course.
  • What if the teacher is not able to teach? (e.g. due to sickness)
    The teachers will inform how they will organize their courses. Vamia will inform students if a teacher is not able to teach.
  • How do I get the info if the teaching is cancelled or the course is changed, for example, from contact teaching into distance teaching?
    The teacher is responsible for informing students about changes in courses.
  • What happens if teaching is cancelled?
    Vamia is following the situation and is ensuring that the students are making progress in their studies. All the changes are informed. In case of cancellation, teaching will be arranged another way.
  • Are the doors open in Vamia?
    The doors are closed in Vamia until 13.5.2020.
  • Can I use students´ health care services?
    Students´ health care services are closed for now. Please contact your own health center.
  • Can I come to Vamia Guide?
    Face-to-face service is cancelled and Vamia Guide is only serving remotely until 13.5. You can call between 9-12 or send an e-mail:
  • Can I go to student services?
    Student counsellors, study secretaries, special education teachers, an immigrant coordinator and curators can be reached via phone or e-mail. You can find all the contact information on web site:
  • I need a student certificate. Where do I get it?
    You get student certificates, transcripts of study record and other documents concerning studies from your study secretary (or your student counsellor). You can find all the contact information on web site:
  • Will a student, who is on labour market training, get a reimbursement of expenses during distance studying?
    Yes, they will get reimbursement of expenses even if they are studying in distance learning mode.
  • On-the-job-learning period has started or is starting. Should I go there?
    Contact your teacher and on-the-job-learning place.Vaasa hospital district and other social and health care employers (public and private sector) have informed 15.3. that all practical nurse students´ on-the-job-learning  periods are cancelled. You can still contact on-the-job-learning place and ask whether you could get an apprenticeship contract.On-the-job-learning periods in other study programs will continue normally unless there will be other information announced by employers.
  • What will happen if my on-the-job-learning period is cancelled due to coronavirus?
    Vamia will find out other options that you could do your on-the-job-learning period. The situation is challenging, so wait for more information from working life coordinator.
  • I am studying in apprenticeship training. How will this state of emergency affect my studying and work?
    Lessons that are normally organized at school are now mainly organized in distance teaching mode as well as other teaching, too. On-the-job learning will happen according to employers´ guidelines.There will be more information about possible changes in apprenticeship training in the near future.
  • I am on student exchange abroad or I am planning going on student exchange. What to do?
    Vamia will not send any students to exchange period during spring 2020. The students, who are abroad now, are summoned back home.
  • I have just returned from abroad. Can I participate contact teaching normally?
    Students who are returning from abroad should participate distance teaching. It is not possible to work and study at Vamia during distance studying period.
  • Can I travel abroad?
    Students in Vamia do not for the time being travel abroad when it comes to study affairs. It is also recommended to avoid domestic traveling and public transportation.
  • Does coronavirus affect spring´s aptitude test?
    We are following nationwide situation and the guidelines of government. We will decide later how the second stage of the aptitude test will be executed. We will keep you updated.The aptitude test for practical nurse examination is intended to execute as planned. The pre-assignment will be published 1.4.2020 on Vamia web site and a link will be sent to the applicants via e-mail. The assignment can also be returned electrically.

    The aptitude test for safety and security basic examination is in two phases. The pre-assignment will be published 1.4.2020 and a link will be sent to the applicants via e-mail. The actual invitation for aptitude test will be sent to those who have returned the pre-assignment. The aptitude test will be held 14-15.5.2020, at Sepänkyläntie 16 or on remote access.