Coronavirus epidemic, Instructions

Vamia has moved to distance learning until October 18th 2020 due to coronavirus. Distance learning will be given to students as per timetables. The beauty salon Parcos and the restaurant Silveria will be closed until October 18th. Week 42 (October 12th – October 18th) is autumn break for most students. Students will be informed of how the teaching will be given after autumn break.

Labour policy education will be done in distance learning. Short-term training such as the hygiene passport and occupational safety card training will be postponed until a later date.

Teachers will be using MS Teams and other digital platforms for teaching.

The students doing on-the-job learning are to follow the employer’s instructions. If your on-the-job training is interrupted, contact your coordinating teacher for further instructions.

A transcript of study record can be obtained from the study secretary of each division by email. The school counsellors can be reached via e-mail and phone.

The school cafeterias Appetito and Melinda are closed and no school lunches will be served.

For further information, please follow



  • Study according to your school timetable. Follow the timetable and routines so that you will make progress in your studies.
  • Set up a place where you can concentrate on your studies. Don’t forget to take breaks.
  • Follow the messaging services the teachers are using.
  • Attend the online lessons.
  • Be bold and try out the new digital tools that are used in distance learning.
  • Contact your teacher in problem situations. The phone numbers can be found on
  • As a parent and/or carer, support and follow the studies of the student, ask and help them to get started if needed.



We have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning distance learning due to coronavirus. The answers will be updated when new information is available.

Up-to-date information on coronavirus:

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

City of Vaasa

Ministry of Education and Culture


  • What do I do if I have coronavirus?
    Follow the guidelines of the health authorities. If you get sick, inform your coordinating teacher.
  • I belong to a risk group, what do I do?
    Contact your own health center. You can find information on the THL website (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare):
  • Is attendance in distance learning compulsory?
    Attendance is compulsory in distance learning unless otherwise specified.
  • What if the teacher is not able to teach e.g. due to sickness?
    The teachers will inform you how they will organize their courses. Vamia strives to inform all students if a teacher is not able to teach.
  • How will I be notified if a lesson is cancelled or we go from contact learning to distance learning, for example?
    The teacher is responsible for informing the students of the changes.
  • What happens if a lesson is cancelled?
    Vamia is following the situation and strives to ensure that the students are making progress in their studies. The students will be informed of all changes. In case of cancellation, Vamia will do its best to provide the teaching in another way.
  • Are the school doors open at Vamia?
    The school doors will be closed until October 18th 2020.
  • Can I use student health care services?
    The consulting hours for the school nurse and doctor will be closed until October 18th due to coronavirus.  Students can call the school nurse in urgent matters.  An appointment can still be made with the psychiatric mental health nurse.  Because the doors are locked, the main entrance door will be opened to the student who has an appointment.

    • Mari Borén 040 6565433 (Hansa)
    • Sannamari Hyvönen 040 6495443 (Hansa)
    • Gunvi Hietamäki 040 649 5131 (Hansa)
    • Pasi Mukari 040 1452766 (Sampo)
    • Jonas Nygård 040 6565332 (Sampo)
  • Can I visit Vamia Guide?
    Face-to-face service has been cancelled and Vamia Guide can only be reached by telephone until October 18th. Call Johanna Backman 040 541 4121, Hans Kankkonen 040 186 9396, or email
  • Can I visit student services?
    Vamia will be closed until October 18th due to coronavirus. However, student counsellors and the immigrant coordinator can be reached as usual. Students, parents, carers and teachers can reach student services via telephone, email or Teams. Contact information can be found on Vamia’s website:
  • I need a student certificate. Where can I get it?
    You can get student certificates, transcripts of study record and other documents concerning studies from your study secretary (or your guidance counsellor). You can find the contact information on
  • Will a student who is on labour market training get reimbursement for expenses during distance learning?
    Students will be reimbursement for expenses even when they are in distance learning.
  • My on-the-job learning period has started or is about to start. Should I go there?
    Contact your teacher and the on-the-job learning place. The Vaasa health care district and other social and health care employers have cancelled all on-the-job learning. Unless informed to the contrary, on-the-job learning in other study programs will continue as usual.
  • What will happen if my on-the-job learning period is cancelled due to coronavirus?
    Vamia will strive to find other ways for you to do your on-the-job learning period. However, the situation is challenging, so wait for more information from your on-the-job learning coordinator.
  • I am studying in apprenticeship training. How will these exceptional circumstances affect my studies and work?
    The lessons normally given at school are now mainly given via distance learning. On-the-job learning will happen in accordance with the employers’ guidelines. Contact your contact person or apprenticeship training services at
  • Is a laid-off apprenticeship training student permitted to study on unemployment benefits?
    Please contact the TE-services.
  • I am on student exchange abroad or I am planning to go on student exchange. What do I do?
    Vamia will not send students on student exchanges abroad until the end of 2020. Vamia’s students abroad have been asked to return to Finland.
  • I have just returned from abroad. Can I participate in contact learning as usual?
    Students who have returned to Finland are to self-quarantine for 14 days, during which they take part in distance learning. More information on travel restrictions and quarantine can be found on the websites of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and the Finnish Border Guard.
  • Can I travel abroad?
    For the time being, students of Vamia won’t be travelling abroad to pursue Vamia-related studies.


Instructions and guidelines:

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment