Apprenticeship for entrepreneurs

Knowhow where it’s needed.

Apprenticeship training offers a quick route to professional life as well as a practical way to develop your own professional competence or the entire work community.

For whom?

  • For new or already experienced entrepreneurs who want to develop their professional skills

What can you study through apprenticeship training?

  • At Vamia, all vocational upper-secondary qualifications, further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications can be studied both fully and partially through apprenticeship training.
  • See the Finnish National Agency for Education’s list of vocational qualifications here (in Finnish)

Are you a student or an employer? Learn how you can utilise apprenticeship training to develop your professional skills or the work community. Read more

How to get started with apprenticeship training:

Psst! Remember that the cooperation with Vamia does not end here! You will also receive the necessary support and guidance from our education coordinators throughout the apprenticeship training period. It is also possible to modify and change the apprenticeship agreement during the contract period.

Employers’ experiences of apprenticeship training

Open testimonial popup for:Kristiina Peltola, M.Sc. Economics, CBM, Tilitoimisto Mukava

I studied through an entrepreneurial apprenticeship to get a specialist vocational degree in Management and Business Administration at Vamia. Although the topics were familiar to me from my previous studies, the education still gave me a lot. The best thing was definitely the study group, which consisted of people working in management positions in companies of different sizes and different fields. We had several fruitful discussions with the group, which gave me a lot of perspective on my practical work as well as ideas for developing my own business. Apprenticeship training is a flexible and very practical way of studying. I therefore recommend it to all entrepreneurs. Studies are easy to adapt to your daily life, and the best part is that all the work and learning you do is directly reflected in the development of your own company. At Vamia, I was also able to tailor my studies to my own needs, even though I changed my study plan rather unexpectedly. A big thanks also goes to Vamia’s top-class teachers and my mentor Satu, with whom I was always able to develop my own thoughts.

– Kristiina Peltola, M.Sc. Economics, CBM, Tilitoimisto Mukava

Open testimonial popup for:Osku Pienimäki, entrepreneur, Pienimaki Company Oy

I started studying the vocational degree in entrepreneurship as an apprenticeship training four months after founding my own company. The degree included 10 face-to-face trainings, all of which covered a variety of entrepreneur-related topics. The degree was practically free and did not require that much from me. However, I got a good overview of everything that needs to be considered as an entrepreneur. The best thing about the training was the networking and contacts as well as the new ideas and support I got from other entrepreneurs participating in the training. I think that studying through an apprenticeship makes special sense for an entrepreneur, as everything you learn in school can be directly used in your own work.

– Osku Pienimäki, entrepreneur, Pienimaki Company Oy

Open testimonial popup for:Miia Nordlund, hairdresser, make-up artist, Day to Day hair salon

I have nothing but good things to say about Vamia’s professional staff and their apprenticeship training. As an educational institution, Vamia is up to date and continuously developing. Apprenticeship training is otherwise similar to other studies. Still, the difference is the invaluable help and guidance received from the apprenticeship office under challenging situations and the necessary financial support they give you. The apprenticeship also includes a personal mentor who can spar with your own developmental points and who can always be asked for advice. In my opinion, an apprenticeship is definitely the most convenient form of study for an entrepreneur, as all the work done is directly reflected in the development of one’s own company.

– Miia Nordlund, hairdresser, make-up artist, Day to Day hair salon


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Contact information for education coordinators

Mia Malmsten
Education coordinator, hospitality industry
040 485 8088

Siv Björklund
Education coordinator, social and health affairs
040 748 3476

Nina Hautio
Education coordinator, technology and transport
040 480 1560

Niina Topp
Education coordinator, social and health affairs, business economics, culture, graphic industry, cleaning, property maintenance, beauty
040 523 3023

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