Apprenticeship for an employer

Knowhow where it’s needed.

As an employer, you can offer your staff additional training or train new professionals through apprenticeship training.

For whom?

  • For an employer who needs to train professionals
  • For an employer who wants to offer additional training for already existing staff

What can you study through apprenticeship training?

  • At Vamia, all vocational upper-secondary qualifications, further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications can be studied both fully and partially through apprenticeship training.
  • See the Finnish National Agency for Education’s list of vocational qualifications here (in Finnish)

Are you a student or an entrepreneur? Learn how you can utilise apprenticeship training to develop your professional skills. Read more

How to get started with apprenticeship training:

Psst! Remember that the cooperation with Vamia does not end here! You will also receive the necessary support and guidance from our education coordinators throughout the apprenticeship training period. It is also possible to modify and change the apprenticeship agreement during the contract period.

Employers’ experiences of apprenticeship training

Open testimonial popup for:Jussi Kempus, Nordic Electro Power Oy

We have utilised apprenticeship training for both additional training of our existing personnel and for the training of employees who have changed another field of work altogether. Our cooperation with Vamia has gone well every time, and we have gained valuable expertise in our team.

– Jussi Kempus, Nordic Electro Power Oy

Open testimonial popup for:Erika Syri, Campus and Event Manager, Juvenes Oy, Vaasa Campus

Apprenticeship training is a flexible and low-cost solution for recruitment. We got two awesome trainee cooks, who both surprised us with their positive attitude as well as their business skills. Based on the evidence obtained during the internship period, it was easy to continue their employment with an apprenticeship agreement. I think it’s important to keep in mind that apprenticeships aren’t just about training – they are also about finding real experts to place into your team. I feel that the apprenticeship gives the employer an advantage in the recruitment market. Amazing discoveries can be made among the diamonds in the rough.

– Erika Syri, Campus and Event Manager, Juvenes Oy, Vaasa Campus

Open testimonial popup for:Niina Räsänen, Entrepreneur, CAVA Hair & Make-up Vaasa

I recommend apprenticeship training to all employers. I think it’s the best and fastest way to find the right employee for your needs.

At first, of course, the teaching takes a little time, but it pays off. Because students also do client work, they practically earn their own salaries. Thus, the apprentices have a minimal impact on the company’s finances. In addition, cooperation with Vamia works smoothly. So, all things considered, I think that apprenticeship is an effortless and profitable way to recruit new members to the workforce.

– Niina Räsänen, Entrepreneur, CAVA Hair & Make-up Vaasa


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Leave a call request

Contact information for education coordinators

Mia Malmsten
Education coordinator, hospitality industry
040 485 8088

Markus Pulkkinen
Teacher, technology and transport
040 149 2373

Siv Björklund
Education coordinator, social and health affairs
040 748 3476

Ami Kuula
Education coordinator, business and commercial industry
040 150 3982, 06 325 3472

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