Apprenticeship for an employee or a student

Knowhow where it’s needed.

By selecting apprenticeship training, you will be trained in a workplace and study through work experience.

For whom?

  • For a student who wants to study through work experience in a workplace
  • For employees who want to develop their professional skills

What can you study through apprenticeship training?

  • At Vamia, all vocational upper-secondary qualifications, further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications can be studied both fully and partially through apprenticeship training.
  • See the Finnish National Agency for Education’s list of vocational qualifications here (in Finnish)

Are you an employer or an entrepreneur? Learn how you can utilise apprenticeship training to develop your work community or business. Read more

How to get started with apprenticeship training:

Psst! Remember that the cooperation with Vamia does not end here! You will also receive the necessary support and guidance from our education coordinators throughout the apprenticeship training period. It is also possible to modify and change the apprenticeship agreement during the contract period.

Students’ experiences of apprenticeship training

Open testimonial popup for:Tiina Nieminen, cleaner

I started further training with an apprenticeship agreement on the recommendation of my employer. In the middle of a fast-paced everyday life brought by my three children, I appreciated the flexible model, where studying took place mainly during normal working days and one weekday evening. Thanks to my teacher and instructor, I gained plenty of practical knowhow, new methods and confidence during my studies. I warmly recommend an apprenticeship for persons like me, who learn by trying and doing and don’t like just to sit still.

– Tiina Nieminen, cleaner

Open testimonial popup for:Jessika Smeds, student

I recommend all those considering apprenticeship training to contact Vamia. When I first contacted them myself, I knew very little about the studies in practice. The warm and professional assistance I received was top notch! I got all the information I needed to make sure this indeed was something for me.

The apprenticeship programme, from which I will graduate as a licensed practical nurse, consists of 25% studies (one school day per week and distance studies) and 75% work at the Hagalund retirement home in Uusikaarlepyy. I feel that I’ve got the best out of both studying and working life. There are extremely professional teachers at Vamia, and in Hagalund, I learn something new every day from my wonderful colleagues, and I also get to put what I’ve learned at school directly into practice.

– Jessika Smeds, student

Open testimonial popup for:Timo-Antero Kahlos, RS-Kiinteistöhuolto Oy

I had worked as a chef for a long time until I became unemployed and decided to study a whole new line of work. I found my current job, where we immediately agreed that I would start studying a vocational degree in Cleaning and Real Estate Services with an apprenticeship. This was a good solution for both the employer and me, as I was able to start the new job right away, but also get the necessary training at the same time. Apprenticeship training was a positive experience for me. Because I only needed professional skills, I didn’t have to spend my time on basic degree studies. In other words, I studied the things I needed in my new job. Therefore, I recommend apprenticeship training, especially for job changers and people who want to get to work quickly.

– Timo-Antero Kahlos, RS-Kiinteistöhuolto Oy


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Leave a call request

Contact information for education coordinators

Mia Malmsten
Education coordinator, hospitality industry
040 485 8088

Markus Pulkkinen
Teacher, technology and transport
040 149 2373

Siv Björklund
Education coordinator, social and health affairs
040 748 3476

Ami Kuula
Education coordinator, business and commercial industry
040 150 3982, 06 325 3472

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