Vamia switching to distance learning starting from Tuesday February 16

All Vamia is switching to distance learning on Tuesday February 16th because several positive coronavirus test results have been confirmed over the weekend and many people have been exposed to the coronavirus on both campuses.  Distance learning will continue until winter break.  Contact teaching will resume on Monday March 8.

  • There have been several infections and we want to do all we can to stop the chains of infection.  We want to ensure students will be able to successfully do their vocational skills demonstrations after winter break so that our students are able to graduate on schedule, says principal Åsa Stenbacka.

The coordinating teachers will inform their students of switching to distance learning.

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare instructs as follows:

  1. If you suspect you have the coronavirus, get tested and stay at home.
  2. Maintain two meters of physical distance from others.
  3. Practice good hand and cough hygiene.
  4. Always wear a face mask when around other people.
  5. Download the Koronavilkku app.
  6. Get vaccinated when eligible.